Arch XFerience is a modern OS based on Arch Linux, built for day-to-day operations with tons of packages & features. Some call it the Swiss Army Knife o' Linux, others - the survival kit! The core components of XFce4, systemd, LightDM, PulseAudio & NetworkManager make it work like a dream. It packs the most useful software including but not limited to - media playback (VLC), office suite (LibreOffice), gaming (Steam), OS virtualization (VirtualBox), Web Server (LEMP - Linux, (e)ngin(e)X, MariaDB, PHP & phpMyAdmin) & much, much more and guess what? It's Out-Of-The-Box! Ever had the idea of booting your system with a disk/USB & having it all just like that? Looking for a straight way through the Arch Linux highway? Discover the new Arch Linux XFerience!

  • 800MHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM (Swap partition is a good choice)
  • 128MB Graphics card
  • 40GB Free HDD space
The bare minimums to get it running! In reality system specs may differ for basic stuff like web surfing, watching YouTube videos and the like..

  • Graphical (GUI) environment thanks to the (low)resource-friendly desktop XFce4
  • Integrated ad blocking
  • Includes basic software (flash player, codecs, etc. & more) out of the box
  • Serious multitasking with 21 workspaces
  • Easter eggs!
  • Boot & Use
  • Built with passion & love from Bulgaria!