-=[ 2020.12.12 ]=-
- Added - chaotic-keyring, chaotic-mirrorlist, ddrescue, dd_rescue, lib32-libevent, make-3.81, otf-symbola, python-pyparted, python-regex, python-html5-parser, python-unrardll
- Removed - lib32-libglade, lib32-wxgtk2, js185, obexftp, openobex, python2-mechanize, python2-netifaces, python2-pychm, python2-pyqtwebengine, python2-sip-pyqt5, python2-pyqt5, python2-sip-pyqt4, python2-pyqt4, restbed
- Replaced - carps-cups with carps-cups-git, cloudprint-cups with cloudprint-cups-git, extundelete with ext4magic, gst-transcoder with gst-plugins-bad-libs, jack with jack2, lib32-jack with lib32-jack2, libutil-linux with util-linux-libs, minecraft with minecraft-launcher, pygobject-devel with python-gobject, python2-httplib2 with python-httplib2, xorg-luit with luit, xorg-server-xwayland with xorg-xwayland, zeronet with zeronet-git
- Fixed tor service (updated torrc with a new version)
- Changed some default compression packages in makepkg.conf in order to utilize parallel compression
- Chaotic AUR now uses installed mirrorlists instead of server URLs from pacman.conf
- Firefox's profile is now based of a "tuned" one from
- XFerience is now hosted on

-=[ 2020.09.02 ]=-
- Added - lib32-l-smash, python-colorama, python-pip, python-pyopenssl, python-unidecode
- Removed - bdf-tewi-git, gtk-theme-arc-grey-git, gtk-theme-equinox, indicator-application, indicator-application-gtk2, lib32-libwbclient, lib32-smbclient, libasr, libappindicator-sharp, lib32-libappindicator-sharp, picard-plugins-search, python2-mutagen, python2-oauthlib, python2-paramiko, python2-pynacl, python2-requests-oauthlib, python2-twitter, virtualbox-guest-modules-arch xorg-font-utils zulucrypt
- Replaced - aurvote-git with aurvote, bind-tools with bind, bzr with breezy, catfish with gnome-search-tool, geoip2-database with geoipupdate, intel-tbb with tbb, libwbclient with smbclient, popcorntime-ce with popcorntime-bin, python-xdg with python-pyxdg, refind-efi with refind
- Converted Conky config to the current formatting
- Solved wrong password at login screen
- Added 'Chaotic AUR' repository, so that some of the current AUR packages will be updated from the mentioned repo, without you having to wait for them to compile and waste additional CPU energy - cleaner environment! Yay :)

-=[ 2020.01.26 ]=-
- Added - alsa-topology-conf, alsa-ucm-conf, appstream, appstream-qt, assimp, calibre-common, fatresize, go, jdk-openjdk, libressl, lsp-plugins, mujs, netpbm, pyside2, python-shiboken2, pyparted-git, python2-pyopenssl, python-ordered-set, python2-ordered-set, python2-pyqtwebengine, python2-rfc6555, python2-selectors2, python2-uritemplate, qt5-3d, qt5-charts, qt5-datavis3d, qt5-doc, qt5-examples, qt5-gamepad, qt5-imageformats, qt5-lottie, qt5-networkauth, qt5-purchasing, qt5-quick3d, qt5-remoteobjects, qt5-scxml, qt5-serialbus, qt5-translations, qt5-virtualkeyboard, qt5-wayland, qt5-webglplugin, qt5-websockets, qt5-webview, scangearmp2, xorgproto, yay
- Replaced - cndrvcups-lb-bin with cnrdrvcups-lb, downgrader with downgrader-git, ilmbase with openexr, jre11-openjdk with jre-openjdk, jre11-openjdk-headless with jre-openjdk-headless, libflashsupport-oss with libflashsupport-oss-nonfree, oss with oss-nonfree, pdftk-bin with pdftk, pygobject2-devel with python2-gobject2
- Downgraded kpmcore (v4) with kpmcore3 (v3) to solve Calamares installer incompatibility
- Removed - clamsmtp, lib32-libmbim, lib32-libqmi, lib32-libmm-glib, lib32-libxxf86dga, libdmx, libxxf86dga, libxxf86misc, libxkbui, libgcj17-bin, lsp-plugins, multibootusb, pulseeffects, pysol-sound-server, python2-reportlab, pyqt5-common, python2-pyelliptic, python2-sip, scangearmp-common, scangearmp-mg3500, scangearmp2-mg7500, vdfuse, xf86-input-keyboard, xf86-input-mouse, xorg-server-xdmx
- Fixed error
- Reintroduced XtraLite edition, it is basically a very slim version of XFerience and it will only get more slimmed down in the future (It's still 5+ GB, but that's what you get for a "complete" operating system, otherwise get the official Arch Linux CD and have fun!)

3567a89320fdc2bd9630021b62b50d90f45dedfe1d3f3e188869c9691783ad14 - XFerience-2020.01.26-x64.iso
b7acdd40fb1fd3228396a8a60fee5059359db2ce21ae44b6122d51f896288767 - XFerienceLite-2020.01.26-x64.iso
d0f1d6ae78c6e69195335d1bed065306a7939390593cf018f20794e6dc8a0144 - XFerienceXtraLite-2020.01.26-x64.iso

-=[ 2019.09.17 ]=-
- Added - lib32-dav1d, lib32-glslang, lib32-libplacebo, lib32-shaderc, lib32-spirv-tools, python-pyicu
- Removed - pygtksourceview2, python2-requests-cache
- Replaced - qtwebkit with qtwebkit-bin, ttf-freefont with gnu-free-fonts
- Added User Agent Switchers for both Google Chrome & Firefox
- Added lib32 libs required for 'groot'

-=[ 2019.07.02 ]=-
- Added - virtualbox-guest-utils
- Replaced - jre10-openjdk with jre11-openjdk, jre10-openjdk-headless with jre11-openjdk-headless, virtualbox-guest-dkms with virtualbox-guest-modules-arch, virtualbox-host-dkms with virtualbox-host-modules-arch, zeronet-git with zeronet
- Added a script to clean /tmp upon reboot

-=[ 2019.06.12 ]=-
- Updates only

-=[ 2019.05.15 ]=-
- Added - backintime backintime-cli, geoip2-database, lib32-aom, lib32-sni-qt, noto-fonts-cjk, python-base58,, python-bitcoinlib, python-coincurve, python-gevent, python-gevent-websocket, python-maxminddb, python-merkletools, python-msgpack, python-sip-pyqt4, python2-sip-pyqt4, python-websocket-client, python-rsa, python-pyelliptic, python-pysocks, python-pyasn1-modules, python-sip-pyqt4, python2-pyelliptic, rpmextract, setconf, sni-qt
- Removed - dracut, python2-cssutils, qtcurve-qt4
- Replaced - mutagen with python2-mutagen, imagemagick with libmagick, timidity-freepats with freepats-general-midi, xorg-mkfontdir with xorg-mkfontscale

-=[ 2019.02.15 ]=-
- Added - cmatrix, noto-fonts-extra
- Removed - backintime, backintime-cli, cower, pacaur, progsreiserfs, reiser4progs, reiserfsprogs
- Replaced - exfat-dkms-git & exfat-utils-nofuse with exfat-utils, geoclue2 with geoclue, libmariadbclient with mariadb-libs, libsystemd with systemd-libs, wine-gaming-nine with wine

-=[ 2018.11.22 ]=-
- Added - numactl, lib32-numactl, lib32-x265
- Removed - lib32-mesa-demos, mesa-demos
- Replaced hyphen-en-us with hyphen-en
- Fixed strange Viber high pitch sound

-=[ 2018.10.08 ]=-
- Added - adduser, bbswitch, bluez-utils, breeze, breeze-icons, bumblebee, calf, capnet-assist, ccache, cmocka, colorgcc, dnssec-trigger, doxygen, dssi, exfat-dkms-git, exfat-utils-nofuse, expac, flat-remix-git, frameworkintegration, frei0r-plugins, fstrm, gavl, gksu, gpsd, granite, hexchat, hostapd, icon-naming-utils, iftop, iodine, kdecoration, lib32-avahi, lib32-cmocka, lib32-ldb, lib32-libarchive, lib32-libbsd, lib32-libwbclient, lib32-lzo, lib32-smbclient, lib32-talloc, lib32-tevent, libgksu, liblo, libnl1, linuxtv-dvb-apps, linuxconsole, mbm-gpsd-pl4nkton-git, meld, mint-themes, mint-y-icons, modem-manager-gui, mono-tools, mtkbabel, mugshot, networkmanager-dispatcher-ntpd, networkmanager-dispatcher-sshd, networkmanager-fortisslvpn-git, networkmanager-iodine-git, networkmanager-ssh-git, networkmanager-sstp, networkmanager-strongswan, obexftp, openfortivpn, openobex, oranchelo-icon-theme, ossp, perl-device-serialport, proxydriver, python-d2to1, pulseaudio-equalizer, pulseaudio-jack, pulseaudio-lirc, pulseaudio-zeroconf, rarian, rpcsvc-proto, ruby-ffi, ruby-maruku, ruby-rake, ruby-rb-inotify, ruby-sass, ruby-sass-listen, ruby-yard, sox, sstp-client, steam-fonts, tinyproxy, unbound, vnstat, xmltoman, zam-plugins
- Replaced - apache-ant with ant, elementary-xfce-icons-git with elementary-xfce-icons, exfat-utils with exfat-utils-nofuse, libsoup-gnome-git with libsoup, openswan with strongswan, popcorntime-bin with popcorntime-ce, unrar with rar
- Removed - aero-clone-gtk-theme, alpine, brother-mfc-9140cdn, ca-certificates-cacert, cinnamon-desktop, cinnamon-translations, cylon, dmd, elinks, gdrive, gcc5, gtk-theme-switch, j4-make-config-git, lib32-lcms, lib32-libx264, lib32-libtinfo, lcms, lftp, libcurl-openssl-1.0, libreoffice-faenza-mod, libphobos, libx264, lib32-flashplugin, links, mythes-nb, numix-shine-icon-theme-git, pacli, packer-io, powerpill, pkgcacheclean, qca-qt4, recoll, rxvt-unicode, rxvt-unicode-terminfo, super-flat-remix-icon-theme, thunar-dropbox, yaourt-gui
- Added 2 pacman hooks for cleaning old versions of cached packages and uninstalled ones using paccache with "brute-force" method (sarcastic) as it seems like the similar change from last build had little to no effect - this works now for sure, *ahem* guaranteed!
P.S. For your downgrading needs you can always visit Dr. Archiver @ (;
- Added 2 new scripts/commands - enable-adblocking & disable-adblocking (this only applies to /etc/hosts)
Also the hosts file is now clean of entries since many well-known sites were blocked and the cron job for updating the file has been disabled, so if you wish to have adblocking enabled at hosts level simply execute update-hosts (browser-level adblocking is enabled by default)
- Limited journald system-wide log file size to 50MB
- Now you can run a virtual WiFi hotspot through NetworkManager, thanks to hostapd which runs at bootup
- 3G USB modems should now work with NetworkManager but cannot test for sure due to not having such hardware in my possession
- Serial input device support (the above also applies for this one)
- User & group maintenance
- Added new custom actions in Thunar for an easier user XFerience!
Here's the list (*ruined spoiler alert*):
- Open Terminal Here - Open Terminal window in the current folder
- Open root Terminal here - Open root Terminal window in the current folder
- Open root Thunar here - Open Thunar with root privileges
- Edit text file as root - Edit this text file
- Change ownership to root - Change the file/folder's ownership to root
- Change ownership to user - Change the file/folder's ownership to user
- Create symlink - Create a symbolic link
- Copy text file contents to clipboard - Copies the contents of the selected text file to the clipboard.
- Calculate hash - Calculate checksum/hash of the selected file
- Compare - Compare multiple text files or directories
- Search in this folder - Search for files inside the selected folder with Catfish
- Scan for viruses - Scan for viruses using ClamTK
- Tor Browser now uses the default NoScript extension instead of uBlock Origin & browser profile updated for version 8
- Fixed autologin for Calamares installer
- Fixed bluetooth manager asking for root password upon startup
- Restored Whisker menus' style to the good ol' XFerience Numix-clasic (no idea how it changed in the first place, oh, you know, "rolling-release" ;)
- Terminal now loads with neofetch, showing you more details about your system & cool stuff (Props to neofetch developer for explicitly adding support for XFerience! I know you did that some time ago but here things move quite randomly, slowly & messy :)
- Updated installer artwork
- Package compression speedups for multicore CPUs
- Recompiled all AUR packages; Should solve some incompatibility issues as well as update some git versions (from the early days of XFerience) which otherwise wouldn't have been updated by yaourt anyway

-=[ 2018.07.31 ]=-
- Added - groot v18.1 (manually)
- Pacman now keeps only installed packages & cleans older versions of the same ones
- Removed - jre7-openjdk, jre7-openjdk-headless, jre9-openjdk, jre9-openjdk-headless
- Updated groot to v18.8
- Replaced hunspell-en-us-large with hunspell-en_US
- The mysterious bug with the freezing mouse/keyboard on VirtualBox seems like it has been fixed in VB 5.2.16
- No new releases in a while! Going on vacation for a few months in a country with poor Net speed standards for EU ;)

-=[ 2018.07.01 ]=-
- Added - ffnvcodec-headers, pacman-contrib
- Created a dummy file named "" & linked it to "" to solve incompatibility issue with kalu
- Modified makepkg to skip checking for PGP keys
- Replaced - chromium with google-chrome, msbuild-15-bin with msbuild-stable, pkg-config with pkgconf
- Removed - chromium-widevine, dcadec, faience-icon-theme, ffmpeg2.8, gegl02, lib32-libxp, lib32-smpeg2, libfm, libfm-extra, libfm-gtk2, libfm-qt, libplatform-legacy, libspotify, liblxqt, lxqt-sudo, menu-cache, mint-cinnamon-themes, mint-x-theme, palemoon-bin, pcmciautils, pulseaudio-gconf, python-pip, python-reportlab, rave-x-colors, smpeg2
- Updated Calamares installer to 3.2.2
- Warning - If you are going to test this release in VirtualBox 5.2.12 your keyboard/mouse might become unusable after some time, due to an unknown bug in VirtualBox which hopefully gets fixed ASAP

-=[ 2018.05.03 ]=-
- Added - jre10-openjdk, jre10-openjdk-headless, lib32-libomxil-bellagio, meson, uthash
- Replaced gnome-themes-standard with gnome-themes-extra, libreoffice-fresh-bn-IN with libreoffice-fresh-bn-in, libreoffice-fresh-en-GB with libreoffice-fresh-en-gb, libreoffice-fresh-en-ZA with libreoffice-fresh-en-za, libreoffice-fresh-kmr-Latn with libreoffice-fresh-kmr-latn, libreoffice-fresh-pa-IN with libreoffice-fresh-pa-in, libreoffice-fresh-pt-BR with libreoffice-fresh-pt-br, libreoffice-fresh-sa-IN with libreoffice-fresh-sa-in, libreoffice-fresh-sr-Latn with libreoffice-fresh-sr-latn, libreoffice-fresh-sw-TZ with libreoffice-fresh-sw-tz, libreoffice-fresh-zh-CN with libreoffice-fresh-zh-cn, libreoffice-fresh-zh-TW with libreoffice-fresh-zh-tw
- Removed - gtk-theme-arc-git, gksu, libgksu, llvm35-libs, js, vte
- Reworked Bleachbit cleaning options
- Updated Calamares installer to 3.2.0-rc4

-=[ 2018.02.27 ]=-
- Added - a2ps, brscan4, cloudprint-cups, deb2targz, lib32-ffmpeg, lib32-gsm, lib32-libusb-compat, lib32-libxml, lib32-openjpeg, lib32-openjpeg2, lib32-xvidcore unrar
- Added printer drivers for the majority of Brother devices as well as some others including Canon, Epson, Samsung, Xerox & others (AUR)
- Added cron job to clean old journalctl logs every Saturday @ 20:00
- Added some MS fonts in the default wine prefix
- Updated list of Microsoft spy domains in /etc/hosts

-=[ 2018.02.18 ]=-
- Replaced - archey-git with archey3, attica-qt5 with attica
- Made 'archey' launch on every terminal startup or new tab
- You can now build & compile AUR packages under root account with yaourt
- Updated Calamares to 3.2.0-rc3

-=[ 2018.02.12 ]=-
- Added - gdb, gnome-settings-daemon, lldb, phantomjs
- Removed - freetype2-demos-infinality, libreoffice-style-elementary
- Replaced - calibre-installer with calibre, freetype2-infinality-ultimate with freetype2, elementary-xfce-icons with elementary-xfce-icons-git, lib32-freetype2-infinality-ultimate with lib32-freetype2, mono-stable with mono & python2-eyed3 with python-eyed3

-=[ 2018.01.10 ]=-
- Added - fsharp, java-rhino, jaxx jre9-openjdk, jre9-openjdk-headless, msbuild-15-bin, ninja, noto-fonts-emoji, nuget, referenceassemblies-pcl
- Removed - aop, cwiid, gtk-engine-nodoka, js17, kdepimlibs4, lib32-gtk-engine-nodoka, lib32-js17, lib32-json-c, lib32-libtxc_dxtn, lib32-libphobos, lib32-libphobos-devel, lib32-qtcurve-gtk2, lib32-qtcurve-qt4, lib32-qtcurve-utils, libakonadi-qt4, libkactivities4, libmusicbrainz3, libopenssl-1.0-compat, libtxc_dxtn, npapi-vlc, pywebkitgtk, rainbowstream, sddm, sk1libs, slim, slim-themes, snownews, uniconvertor, webkitgtk, webkitgtk2
- Replaced mono & lib32-wxgtk with mono-stable & lib32-wxgtk2 (AUR)
- Fixed blueman incoming files location (Now files sent by bluetooth from other devices are saved in /home/USER/Downloads)
- Imported Mozilla's root CA certificates over Mono
- Terminal emulator now shows asterisks when typing passwords instead of nothing
- Reverted Calamares back to 3.1.X (3.1.12)

-=[ 2017.12.14 ]=-
- Added - kactivities, kwayland, plasma-framework, qt5-quickcontrols
- Added LEMP stack (linux, (e)ngin(e)X, mariadb, php)
The default login credentials for are: root:toor (Don't forget to start your stack with start-lemp)
You can change login details by executing mysql_secure_installation in terminal
- Added new additional scripts in /usr/bin: enable/disable/start/stop/restart-lemp, enable/disable/start/stop/restart-vmware, restart-zeronet
- Fixed a TOR misconfiguration that was preventing ZeroNet from functioning properly
- Changed maximum number of XFce4 Terminal entries/lines to unlimited instead of the old limit of 1000 lines
- Updated Calamares installer to version 3.2.0
- Implemented self-cleaning capability for Calamares installer after finished installation

-=[ 2017.11.20 ]=-
- Added - blockify, dropbox-cli, evopop-icon-theme, libflashsupport-oss, libreoffice-extension-cleandoc, libreoffice-extension-pagination, libreoffice-faenza-mod, libreoffice-style-elementary, libreoffice-impress-templates, libreoffice-uglyfix-freetype2, papirus-libreoffice-theme, libreoffice-extension-writer2epub, luv-icon-theme-git, maia-icon-theme, maia-gtk-theme, materialos-icon-theme-git, mint-cinnamon-themes
- Added LibreOffice language packs
- Added previously "added" spell cheking, hyphenation rules & thesaurus packages (Woops... My bad!)
- Removed - arandr, atom, electron, gpsd, nemo, nemo-fileroller, nemo-python, nemo-seahorse, r, j4-dmenu-desktop, lxterminal, lxdm, ocaml, pcmanfm, pcmanfm-qt, virtualbox-sdk, redshift
- Refreshed Firefox profile to match it's "Quantum" "rocket"
- Enabled parallel compression on XZ when building packages from AUR
So now You basically have parallel ccmake compilation and parallel XZ compression! Win-win? Win-Win!!!
- Replaced back qBittorrent with Transmission since qBittorrent was corrupting some files
- Updated Calamares installer to version 3.1.8
- Cleaned old config files

-=[ 2017.11.08 ]=-
- Added - foma, libreoffice-extension-languagetool, libxml++2.6, termcap
- Spell checking additions - hunspell-de, hunspell-en_AU, hunspell-en_CA, hunspell-en_GB, hunspell-en_US, hunspell-es, hunspell-fr, hunspell-he, hunspell-hu, hunspell-it, hunspell-nl, hunspell-pl, hunspell-ro, hunspell-ar, hunspell-ca, hunspell-cs, hunspell-da, hunspell-en-us-large, hunspell-eo, hunspell-eu-es, hunspell-fa, hunspell-fr-classical, hunspell-fr-comprehensive, hunspell-fr-cpr90, hunspell-fr-modern, hunspell-fr-revised, hunspell-gl, hunspell-ia, hunspell-ie, hunspell-la, hunspell-lt, hunspell-lv, hunspell-nb, hunspell-pt-br, hunspell-pt_pt, hunspell-pt_pt-preao, hunspell-ru, hunspell-sk, hunspell-sl, hunspell-sma, hunspell-sme, hunspell-smj, hunspell-sr, hunspell-sv, hunspell-tr, hunspell-uk, hunspell-vi, python-pyphen, python2-pyphen, libvoikko, malaga, voikko-fi, hfstospell, voikko-libreoffice
- Hyphenation rules additions - hyphen-de, hyphen-en, hyphen-es, hyphen-fr, hyphen-hu, hyphen-it, hyphen-nl, hyphen-pl, hyphen-ro, hyphen-bg-git, hyphen-ca, hyphen-cs, hyphen-el, hyphen-en-us, hyphen-eu-es, hyphen-ie, hyphen-lt, hyphen-nb, hyphen-pt-br, hyphen-pt_pt, hyphen-ru, hyphen-sr, hyphen-sv
- Thesaurus additions - mythes-de, mythes-es, mythes-fr, mythes-hu, mythes-it, mythes-nl, mythes-pl, mythes-ro, mythes-bg-git, mythes-ca, mythes-cs, mythes-el, mythes-en-us, mythes-nb, mythes-pt-br, mythes-pt_pt, mythes-ru, mythes-sv
- Updated TOR Browser to fix IP leakage
- Last 32bit ISO!

-=[ 2017.11.03 ]=-
- Happy *late* Halloween, 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY & cheers to all Guy Fawkes fans!
- Discontinued SourceForge ISO uploads due to the ever-increasing size of the images and the never-solved 5GB upload limit
The ISOs can be obtained from Google Drive (Supported by JDownloader2) or through torrent
- Added - bubblewrap, ckbcomp, freetype2-demos-infinality, gmime3, graphviz, gts, ocaml, python-parso, python-sqlalchemy, r, tracker, unoconv
- Removed - flattr-icon-theme, liblphobos, libtinfo, libtracker-sparql, mkinitcpio-dkms, pm-utils, rfkill, zen-gtk-themes
- Removed gsmartcontrol for x86
- Replaced freetype2 & lib32-freetype2 with freetype2-infinality-ultimate & lib32-freetype2-infinality-ultimate (Solves TeamViewer startup problems)
P.S. The current version of TeamViewer has been compiled without freetype2 dependencies in the PKGBUILD
- Reenabled Calibre upgrade timer services
- Refreshed browser profiles to match their respectful current versions and avoid crashes
- Updated Calamares installer to version 3.1.7

-=[ 2017.09.11 ]=-
- Added - crypto++, msgpack-c, opendht, pjproject, restbed
- Replaced thunar-git with thunar
- Prevent PulseAudio from muting sound (VLC) while doing other activity such as remote desktop (TeamViewer)
- Restored keyboard icon from taskbar
- Firefox add-on maintenance
- Added GPG key for new calibre-installer & networkmanager-l2tp

-=[ 2017.07.25 ]=-
- Added - adapta-gtk-theme (non-GiT), arch-audit, arch-wiki-docs, arch-wiki-lite, brasero, ccrypt, cppunit, cylon, dvdauthor, expect, gcc5, gdrive, gimp, isapnptools, inxi, makedepend, lynis, openbsd-netcat, python-scipy, rmlint, rkhunter, speedtest-cli, splint, wavemon
- Replaced openmotif, virtualbox-guest-modules-arch, virtualbox-host-modules-arch, rclone-bin & tor-browser-bin with lesstif, virtualbox-guest-dkms, virtualbox-host-dkms, rclone & tor-browser
- Replaced Linux kernel on x86 with linux-lts since it wasn't bootable on some
systems and it's pointless anyway to be having kernel support for 2017 hardware in a 32 bit distro
- Replaced transmission-gtk with qbittorrent
- Removed - python2-cherrypi, python-cherrypi
- Renamed hosts-updater to update-hosts
- clean-calamares script removes installer leftover files and it self destructs
- Installer now adds user to 'games' group by default
- Tweaked uScript
- Updated Calamares installer

-=[ 2017.06.09 ]=-
- Now only former 'Lite' edition is offered (No IMs)
- Added - art-sharp, asp, gconf-sharp-peditors, gnome-sharp, gnome-vfs-sharp, libgnome-sharp, pkgcacheclean, popcorntime-bin, pulseeffects, python-pyudev, swh-plugins, xdelta3
(Gnome C# bindings resolve any problems related to MonoDevelop & Unity3D)
- Removed - adapta-gtk-theme, libqzeitgeist
- Added more GPG keys for TOR Browser
- Added .bashrc environment variable to detect the available cores and pass the -j flag when compiling packages with 'make' to speed up things (faster package compilation with yaourt!)
- Pacman now cleans older packages in the cache dir
- Disabled sudo password timeout for more convenient package building with yaourt
- New additional scripts for easier zeronet service management; start/stop/enable/disable-zeronet
- When creating user with Calamares, it is now added by default to 'vboxusers' group (should fix 'No USB devices' problem in VirtualBox)
- JDownloader now downloads 1 file per hoster to avoid problems with non-premium downloads
- The classic installer script (/ now cleans Calamares leftover files after installation (BIOS MBR/GPT only)

-=[ 2017.05.17 ]=-
- Former 'XtraLite' (without Instant Messaging apps) edition is reintroduced as 'Lite'
- Added - clean-chroot-manager, lib32-glib, linux-docs, raw-thumbnailer
- Added Calamares module for a proper initialisation of pacman keyring
- Removed - abs, aura-bin
- Replaced xorg-utils with xorg-apps
- Updated 'Tips & Tricks' & added a new tutorial for downgrading packages
- No new releases for a while... Going on vacation with a crappy netbook

-=[ 2017.05.02 ]=-
- Added - dos2unix, glib-networking, gnome-common, lib32-openssl-1.0, libcurl-openssl-1.0, libopenssl-1.0-compat
- Removed - freenet, multibit
- Replaced libsoup with libsoup-gnome-git
- Added 'wheel' to default user groups when creating a new user with the installer
- Added GPG keys for cower, dracut, lib32-openssl-1.0, libcurl-openssl-1.0

-=[ 2017.04.11 ]=-
- Graphical installer (autologin doesn't work at the moment)
(old text installer is still there under /, you can find the instructions inside it)
For LUKS encryption edit /etc/openswap.conf for your swap device uuid, keyfiles, etc...
Credits to ApricityOS for reference!
- Added - boost, cpio, dash, dracut, extra-cmake-modules, kpmcore, mkinitcpio-archlogo, mkinitcpio-dkms, mkinitcpio-openswap, mkinitcpio-utils, pythonqt, qt5ct, qt5-styleplugins-git, qt5-tools, qt5-webengine, squashfs-tools, ttf-roboto, yaml-cpp
- Removed - blender, pm-quirks
- uBlock Origin now additionally uses EasyList (performance sacrificed by little for ad-blocking effectivity)

-=[ 2017.03.19 ]=-
- From now on only former "Lite" edition is offered due to lack of interest and time maintaining others. Sorry for any disappointment!
- Configuration files for other desktop environments and such are staying untouched for the time being
except Kodi configs are removed to free up space
- Added packages - apache-ant, anyremote, blender, fontforge, gimp, howdoi-git, inkscape, irda-utils, libreoffice, mlt-git, python-requests-cache, python2-requests-cache, swig
- Removed - apcupsd, cairo-dock, compton, gcolor2, mate-desktop-schemas, mldonkey, pidgin-im-gnome-shell-extension, pluma, ranger, vifm
- Kalu now doesn't show packages removed from AUR repo
- Replaced mesa-libgl, numix-themes & tor-browser-en with mesa, numix-gtk-theme & tor-browser-bin

-=[ 2017.02.20 ]=-
- Added:
All - acpi, downgrade, fish, fzf, mksh, pacli, python2-matplotlib, smem, tcsh, trash-cli, vbetool
- Removed: foomatic-db-gutenprint, gnome-desktop2, pkgbrowser, python2-gnomedesktop
- Replaced Deepin & Mate notifications with xfce4-notifyd
- New cron entry for checking Calibre for updates every Sunday @ 20:00
- Less clutter in /root (~10MB now - ~900MB before)
- Workaround for dependency
- uBlock now blocks 3rd-party frames by default
- The installation script now writes mountpoints with their UUIDs in /etc/fstab, unlike before it used to generate entries with their actual mountpoint which led to boot problems sometimes
- ZeroNet is now working again, includes some tweaks for more robust workflow
- Conky & Kalu startup has been increased to 60s & 90s respectively, for even smoother boot on your VirtualBox test machine ;)
- Thunar now has 2 new custom actions for scanning files for viruses & searching for files
- Fresh new boot splash screen ;)

-=[ 2017.02.09 ]=-
- Added:
All - clamassassin, clamav, clamfs, clamsmtp, clamtk, commoncpp2, devtools, dmidecode, gcc-fortran, gcc-fortran-multilib, gpsd, libcoverart, libcrossguid, libevdevc, libmusicbrainz3, libmusicbrainz5, libreplaygain, libtinfo, lib32-a52dec, lib32-gstreamer0.10, lib32-gstreamer0.10-bad, lib32-gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins, lib32-gstreamer0.10-base, lib32-gstreamer0.10-base-plugins, lib32-gstreamer0.10-good, lib32-gstreamer0.10-good-plugins, lib32-gstreamer0.10-ugly, lib32-gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins, lib32-libass, lib32-fribidi, lib32-lame, lib32-libcdaudio, lib32-libdc1394, lib32-libdvdcss, lib32-libdvdread, lib32-libdvdnav, lib32-libxxf86dga lib32-libmad, lib32-libmms, lib32-libmpeg2, lib32-liblrdf, lib32-libsidplay, lib32-libidl2, lib32-orbit2, lib32-raptor, lib32-libtinfo, lib32-libmpcdec, lib32-libreplaygain, lib32-libcue, lib32-libx264, lib32-musicbrainz, lib32-python2, lib32-gdbm, lib32-tk, lib32-neon, lib32-libofa, lib32-fftw, lib32-schroedinger, lib32-rtmpdump, lib32-libdca, lib32-faac, lib32-faad2, lib32-libmp4v2, lib32-spandsp, multibit, ncmpcpp, ncompress, p8-platform, pacaur, picard, picard-plugins-search, poco, python2-oauth2, python2-twitter, redshift, rlog, ruby-shadow, spice, spice-protocol
L/S/U - messengerfordesktop
L/XL - virtualbox-ext-oracle, virtualbox-ext-vnc, virtualbox-guest-iso, virtualbox-sdk
- Added GPG keys for some legacy Xorg drivers
- Small additions in i3 config
- XtraLite  edition without Instant Messaging (IM) apps
- Removed: fontforge, gpgmepp, kodi (only for Lite), kodi-addon-pvr-hts-git, libreoffice-breeze-icons, lib32-wxgtk2.8, purple-whatsapp, python-themer-git, wxgtk2.8, xfce4-mixer, yed
- Removed Bulgarian & Greek locales as well as keyboards to prevent accidental confusion
- Replaced cdrkit, lesstif & kodi-platform-git with cdrtools, opemotif & kodi-platform
- Major browser profile refinement
- Disabled transparent_hugepage on boot with grub, should fix system/audio lag when copying files to USB sticks
- Increased default Grub boot timeout to 10s
- Increased liveboot cow_spacesize to 32GB
(Be careful as you fill up the live temp space your RAM will also increase and your system will eventually freeze and be unusable until reboot)
- Added info tutorial for solving docbook.xsl errors
- Minor tweaks

Known Issues
- For some reason ZeroNet doesn't start after service execution, to resolve it you need to force reinstall zeronet-git
yaourt -S --force zeronet-git

-=[ 2017.01.19 ]=-
- Added:
All - libsass, sassc, samba
- Removed configuration entries for screen resolution in i3. To configure your screen resolution use 'arandr' and copy/paste the script output in i3 config file
- Fixed lightdm bug that would cause it to not remember chosen DE after installation to HDD and upon every boot

-=[ 2017.01.14 ]=-
- Added:
All - acpi_call, aero-clone-gtk-theme, arandr, arc-icon-theme, avidemux-cli, avidemux-qt, blockify, bower, chrpath, clearlooks-colors-gtk-theme, clearlooks-phenix-gtk-theme, deepin-icon-theme, despotify-svn, diffoscope, dmenu, elementary-icon-theme, evopop-gtk-theme, faba-icon-theme-git, faba-mono-icons-git, faenza-cupertino-icon-theme, faenza-icon-theme, faience-icon-theme, faenza-xfce-addon, faience-themes, fish, flattr-icon-theme, franz-bin, glib, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme-symbolic, gnome-icon-theme-extras, googler, grunt-cli, gulp, gtk, gtk-theme-absolute, gtk-theme-arc-git, gtk-theme-arc-grey-git, gtk-theme-bsm-simple, gtk-theme-config, gtk-theme-divergenceiv-a-new-hope, gtk-theme-elementary, gtk-theme-equinox, gtk-theme-flatstudio, gtk-theme-iris-dark-git, gtk-theme-iris-light-git, gtk-theme-numix-ocean, gtk-theme-numix-solarized, gtk-theme-metagrip, gtk-theme-numix-white, gtk-theme-plastiq, gtk-theme-switch, help2man, human-icon-theme, ido, j4-dmenu-desktop, j4-make-config-git lib32-libbluray, libaacs, libbdplus, libspotify, lxappearance, lxde-icon-theme, mate-icon-theme, mate-icon-theme-faenza, mint-x-icons, mint-x-theme, moka-icon-theme-git, neofetch, numix-circle-icon-theme-git, numix-icon-theme-git, numix-shine-icon-theme-git, nvidia, paper-icon-theme-git, paper-gtk-theme-git, popcorntime-bin, powerline, powerline-fonts, pulseaudio-ctl, preload, python-jinja, python-themer-git, python-yaml, rave-x-colors, rofi, super-flat-remix-icon-theme, tangerine-icon-theme, ttf-font-awesome, vibrancy-colors, xbindkeys
- Added info tutorial for video configuration
- Added i3 config
- Added license info in hosts-updater
- Removed archlinux-menus, bumblebee, primus, ttf-gentium-plus
- Reworked system groups & users
- Telegram no longer creates it's own desktop icon (the AUR package installs a tweaked one)
- Fixed a small misconfiguration in ~/.Xresources that would cause Skype to have green-on-black appearance and possibly other apps too
- Fixed incorrect schedule execution of hosts-updater in crontab

-=[ 2016.12.16 ]=-
Package additions:
Lite - gnomebaker
Standard - flowblade, gnomebaker
Ultimate - caja-dropbox, flowblade, lemonbar
All - acl, adapta-backgrounds, adapta-gtk-theme, antigen-git, antiword, atom, apm, apitrace, archivetools, archlinux-menus, archlinux-xdg-menu, bdf-tewi-git, bindfs, bless, bsd-games, cairo-dock-themes, chromium-widevine, colordiff, compton ('sup L.A.), cower, dropbox, dropbox-cli feh, freenet, fusesmb, fontmatrix, fslint, geany, geany-plugins, gendesk, gnome-colors-icon-theme, gtk2-perl, hal-info, icoutils, kodi (+some addons), libev, libappindicator-sharp, libdbusmenu-qt, liblphobos, libltdl, libphobos, libphobos-devel, libstdc++5, libtorrent, llvm, nvidia-cg-toolkit, opencl-nvidia, primus, qtcurve-gtk2, qtcurve-qt4, qtcurve-utils, simplescreenrecorder, lib32-aalib, lib32-acl, lib32-apitrace, lib32-cdparanoia, lib32-celt, lib32-clang, lib32-fakeroot, lib32-flashplugin, lib32-flex, lib32-fluidsynth, lib32-glew, lib32-gpm, lib32-gst-plugins-base, lib32-gst-plugins-base-libs, lib32-gst-plugins-good, lib32-gstreamer, lib32-ladspa, lib32-lcms, lib32-libaio, lib32-libao, lib32-libappindicator-gtk3, lib32-libappindicator-sharp, lib32-libavc1394, lib32-libcanberra-pulse, lib32-libcdio, lib32-libdaemon, lib32-libdbusmenu-gtk3, lib32-libdbusmenu-qt, lib32-libdv, lib32-libglade, lib32-libglvnd, lib32-libiec61883, lib32-libindicator-gtk3, lib32-liblphobos, lib32-libmbim, lib32-libmm-glib, lib32-libndp, lib32-libnewt, lib32-libpgm, lib32-libphobos, lib32-libphobos-devel, lib32-libqmi, lib32-libraw1394, lib32-libshout, lib32-libsodium, lib32-libstdc++5, lib32-libteam, lib32-libva, lib32-libva-intel-driver, lib32-libva-vdpau-driver, lib32-libvdpau, lib32-libvisual, lib32-libvpx, lib32-libxkbcommon-x11, lib32-libxslt, lib32-libxvmc, lib32-llvm, lib32-lm_sensors, lib32-mesa-demos, lib32-mesa-vdpau, lib32-mpg123, lib32-nvidia-cg-toolkit, lib32-nvidia-utils, lib32-ocl-icd, lib32-opencl-nvidia, lib32-opus, lib32-orc, lib32-pangox-compat, lib32-popt, lib32-primus, lib32-procps-ng, lib32-qjson, lib32-qtcurve-gtk2, lib32-qtcurve-qt4, lib32-qtcurve-utils, lib32-simplescreenrecorder, lib32-slang, lib32-sni-qt, lib32-soundtouch, lib32-speex, lib32-speexdsp, lib32-taglib, lib32-tcl, lib32-virtualgl, lib32-vulkan-icd-loader, lib32-wavpack, lib32-wxgtk, lib32-wxgtk2.8, lib32-xcb-util, lib32-zeromq, lib32-libxpm, lib32-libxp, libsysstat, localepurge, lua-lpeg, lua-filesystem, openelec-dvb-firmware, makemkv, mhddfs, minecraft (client only), mldonkey, movit, mp3fs, mpc, mpd, msmtp, mu, multibootusb, nasm, nautilus-dropbox, ncurses5-compat-libs, ncmpc, nitrux-icon-theme, offlineimap, oh-my-zsh-git, oss, pa-applet-git, pakbak-git, pass, python2-opengl, premake, profile-cleaner, pangox-compat, profile-sync-daemon, pkgbrowser, playerctl, python-colour, python-basiciw, python-pywapi, ranger, rclone-bin, rtorrent, rxvt-unicode, schroot, screenfetch, simple-mtpfs, siji-git, spotify, sysstat, tango-icon-theme, telegram-desktop-bin, thunar-dropbox, timidity-freepats, tor-messenger-bin, ttf-gentium-plus, ttf-paratype, yed, unibrow, unionfs-fuse, vdfuse, volumeicon, vim-plugins, virtualgl, w_scan, weechat, wikipediafs, wmctrl, xcb-util-cursor, xcb-util-xrm, zeronet-git (working TOR mode), zziplib, zuki-themes
- Removed slock, xscreensaver
- simplescreenrecorder-git, xchat, i3 & wine-staging have been replaced with simplescreenrecorder, hexchat, i3-gaps & wine-gaming-nine
- Fixed a typo in crontab
- Fixed some missing or broken system groups & users that were shipping by default with every new ISO (good to have eyes when there are no bug hunters)
- Enabled avahi-daemon on startup
- Default DNS provider to nss is now mdns (should fix TeamViewer 12 'Not Ready' issue)
- Added firewall rules for port 5353 (Avahi), 9051 (TOR) & 15441 (ZeroNet)
- Tweaked again mimeapps.list
- Minor edits to 'Tips & Tricks'
- Minor configs to ~/.Xresources for urxvt & XTerm
- Conky & Kalu now start on boot after 30 & 60 seconds respectively, allowing a smooth boot
- Some missing packages from x86 have been added to x64 and vice versa
- User switching & screen-locking from Whisker menu is now possible
- Full access to root account is now disabled. To enable it set a password with 'sudo passwd root'
- A user now can login incorrectly for a maximum of 20 times before being locked out for 30 mins (no prompts)
- Access to kernel logs as well as kernel pointers is now restricted for security reasons
- TCP/IP stack is now hardened
- Dual arch ISOs are discontinued from now on since the ISOs have grown enough in size and to keep my sanity cool, if there is a big demand then duals will come back

-=[ 2016.12.03 ]=-
- Enabled systemd-timesyncd on boot, clock now should be stable for users who haven't set their BIOS/EFI time to UTC (you still need to symlink to your local timezone)
- Tor Browser has been updated to fix the critical vulnerability that might expose XFerience users & fans in totalitarian countries, along with some other AUR packages & TeamViewer 12
- System notifications now show for 5s

-=[ 2016.12.01 ]=-
Package additions:
Lite - handbrake
Standard - libreoffice-breeze-icons, libreoffice-extension-cleandoc, libreoffice-extension-languagetool, libreoffice-extension-pagination, libreoffice-faenza-mod, libreoffice-style-elementary, unoconv
Ultimate - libreoffice-breeze-icons, libreoffice-extension-cleandoc, libreoffice-extension-languagetool, libreoffice-extension-pagination, libreoffice-faenza-mod, libreoffice-style-elementary, unoconv
All - backintime, downgrader, ffmulticonverter, gnu-free-fonts, gst-editing-services, gst-transcoder, gstreamer0.10-fluendo, gtk-engine-aurora, gtk-engine-equinox, gtk-engine-nodoka, gtk-engine-unico, libvpx1.3 lib32-curl, lib32-dbus-glib, lib32-glew1.10, lib32-libnm-glib, lib32-libudev0-shim, lib32-sdl2_mixer, lib32-sdl2_image, lib32-gconf, lib32-gtk2, lib32-gtk3, lib32-gtk-engine-equinox, lib32-gtk-engine-murrine, lib32-gtk-engine-nodoka, lib32-libvpx1.3 lib32-gtk-engines, lib32-libcanberra, lib32-openal, lib32-nss, lib32-libcurl-compat, lib32-libcurl-gnutls, lib32-libtiff4, libtiff4, lib32-libtheora, lib32-libxft, lib32-libwrap, libudev0-shim, libwrap, libxtst, libcurl-gnutls, libgcrypt15, libtiff4, sdl2_mixer, lib32-libxtst, lib32-libcaca, lib32-libgcrypt15, librtmp0, imagewriter, libgcj17-bin, libsvg, lostfiles, mythes-en, noto-fonts, orca, pdftk-bin, plymouth, simplescreenrecorder-git, qt5-multimedia, lib32-librtmp0, sdl2_image, steam, steam-native-runtime, ttf-liberation, lib32-libxmu, ttf-ms-fonts, udftools, pidgin-opensteamworks, png++, wqy-zenhei, wqy-microhei-lite, xdg-su
- Package removals - fbida, fltk, gnome-alsamixer, ibus, nmap, scim, wpa_supplicant_gui
- Enabled firewall (ufw) on boot
- Firewall now has correct config permissions (no idea how it got ugo+rwx in the first place), blocks incoming connections by default & has a rule for Transmission's current port 42759
- Tweaked LightDM to include voice reader
- Calibre has been replaced with calibre-installer (AUR) since normal calibre package doesn't work for everybody.
To update Calibre you need to run 'sudo sh /usr/bin/' since the automatic upgrader has been disabled on purpose
P.S. For some strange reason calibre doesn't have icons but it should have after you upgrade it
- Disabled Evince thumbnailer along with some other thumbnailers in order to improve system speed (thumbnailing still works)
- Installer is now hidden to prevent users from rushing before checking out the README and also it now skips some folders from copying them upon installation to save time
- More tweaks to mimeapps.list
- Minor edits to some 'Tips & Tricks'
- Cooked a script to automatically update hosts file every Saturday @ 20:00 (/usr/bin/
If you wanna change the schedule then execute 'sudo EDITOR=gedit crontab -e'
- Minor JDownloader tweaks
- Thunar is back! thunar-git includes a fix for the segfault bug when renaming files
- NetworkManager now uses default dns cacher dnsmasq. This should fix Steam slow download issue
- Caching size of dnsmasq has been increased to 100000. Further testing showed no performance loss and the following results (dnsmasq.service disabled by default):

#Catching off
dig | grep "Query time"
;; Query time: 46 msec
#Catching on
dig | grep "Query time"
;; Query time: 1 msec

P.S. Interested in own XFerience repo if I get hosting assistance
Like the project? How about you buy me a beer or let your friends try the Arch XFerience!
Happy linuxing, hacking, livebootin' & enjoy true Linux XFerience! ;)

-=[ 2016.11.23 ]=-
- A step closer to awesomeness!
- Package additions:
Lite - engrampa, sddm, lxdm, lxterminal, slim, archlinux-themes-slim, slim-themes, lynx, wine-staging, wine-mono, winetricks
Full - engrampa, sddm, lxdm, lxterminal, slim, archlinux-themes-slim, slim-themes, virtualbox-ext-vnc
Ultimate - alacarte, drkonqi, gnome-user-share, gnome-screensaver, kdepim-addons, deepin-social-sharing, kaccounts-integration, kaccounts-providers, khelpcenter, kwalletmanager, rygel, plank, synapse, vicious, virtualbox-ext-vnc
All - arch-wiki-docs, arch-wiki-lite, ecryptfs-simple, gst-libav, guvcview, gpart, i2p, java-service-wrapper, kstreamripper, libpwquality, matchbox-keyboard, mlocate, tor, torsocks, recoll, pdfgrep, zeitgeist, zeitgeist-explorer, zulucrypt
What is an OS without a working file search engine & on-screen keyboard? ;)
P.S. The on-screen keyboard can also be executed from LightDM login screen
- In addition there is more printer functionality:
cups-pk-helper, foomatic-db, foomatic-db-gutenprint, foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds, foomatic-db-nonfree, foomatic-db-nonfree-ppds, foomatic-db-ppds, gutenprint, print-manager, splix
- The following mere 2MB-or-less TUI packages have been added for the pleasure & convenience of the professional:
abcde, atop, alpine, bitlbee, bwm-ng, calcurse, cmus, dropbear, dvtm, fbida, fbv, figlet, finch, htop, mcabber, mkisolinux, mplayer, mpop, musl, ncdu, rainbowstream, snownews, strace, surfraw, sup, vifm, w3m, wordgrinder
- TUI games: aop, bs, greed, moon-buggy, vitetris
- GUI games: gnuchess, gnome-sudoku, mahjong, teeworlds
- The following dependencies add up to the overall functionality of the system:
activity-log-manager, apcupsd, bluez-cups, mesa-vdpau, opengl-man-pages, libva-mesa-driver, nss-mdns, quota-tools, libcanberra-gstreamer, fltk, mpdecimal, poppler-data, perl-file-mimeinfo, sni-qt, bluez-firmware, postgresql-libs, libmariadbclient, unixodbc, freetds, libva-vdpau-driver, libva-intel-driver, argyllcms, gtk-engines, wpa_supplicant_gui, python-lxml-docs, gvfs-afc, gvfs-smb, gvfs-gphoto2, gvfs-mtp, gvfs-goa, gvfs-nfs, gvfs-google, fluidsynth, geoip-database-extra, python2-paramiko, qt5-serialport, libdvdcss, x11-ssh-askpass, pm-utils, ed, fprintd, libgit2-glib, libopenraw, python-numpy, xinetd, rrdtool, hddtemp, hwinfo, xsane, python-reportlab, python-pyqt5, uniconvertor, java-openjfx, phantomjs, python-pyqt5, gnuplot, quota-tools, libotr, bwidget, libmythes, pstoedit, coin-or-mp, libstatgrab, libsysstat, xboard, xdg-user-dirs-gtk, cvs, youtube-dl, ifplugd, openvswitch, easy-rsa, terminus-font, twolame, projectm, libgoom2, vcdimager, lua-socket, ibus, scim, pstotext, catdoc, unrtf, id3lib, mutagen, perl-image-exiftool, aspell-en, smplayer-themes, smplayer-skins, smtube, festival, espeak, python-pysmbc, modemmanager, tamsyn-font, thunar-media-tags-plugin, ffmpegthumbnailer, vde2, rdesktop, vulkan-icd-loader, dosbox, mach64-dri, unichrome-dri, r128-dri, savage-dri, sis-dri, tdfx-dri, xorg-twm, xscreensaver, pulseaudio-bluetooth, mac, abook, antlr4, asciidoc, barcode, xorg-xfd, libunicodenames, libunibreak, libutf8proc, mp3unicode, unicode-character-database, ttf-freefont, ttf-symbola, lesstif, libxp, printproto, slock
- Removed from ISO due to very slow boot bug (works fine on normal installation):
noto-fonts, noto-fonts-cjk, noto-fonts-emoji
- Added a 2-step tutorial on how to put any Linux distro on a USB flash drive (located in 'Desktop/Tips & Tricks')
- Added true working autologin for liveboot (not for Ultimate at the moment due to unknown bug)
- Added *default* user profile 'xferience' for liveboot only
- Added GPG key for i2p
- Replaced jre8 with jdk8
- JDownloader now has it's own installed version according to architecture unlike before x64 on x86
- ISO labels are now shorter, the new naming is 'AXFX_date'
A for Arch, XF for XFerience, X for edition (S/L/U)
- Updated Readme
- Updated installation script
- Tweaked mimeapps.list
- Tor Browser now has it's own profile by default (It always gets lost after update, to restore it execute script in home folder)
- VLC now runs as root, but for liveboot only
- Wine now has a default prefix of 32 bit and of course, a configured profile! ;)
- XFerience is now built under the correct ownership of UID=0 to avoid later headaches
- The building script is now fully automated (after so much trial & error), as a matter of fact, it's more efficient towards setting correct user ownerships and fixing permissions
- Single torrent available for all ISOs, please select what you need and help the project by seeding!
All of this is made possible by a single person with limited time and resources

Less releases from now on since most of the work has been pretty much done.
There will be occasional software updates every month or two and small additions/fixes when needed.
A lot of sleepless nights went into this release, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do using it for my day to day operations.
Like the project? How about you buy me a beer or let your friends try the Arch XFerience!
Happy linuxing, hacking, livebootin' & enjoy true Linux XFerience!

-=[ 2016.11.12 ]=-
- Added pidgin along with some plugins, light-locker, lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings, system-config-printer, gtk3-print-backends, dconf-editor, pluma, reflector, skype (legacy version for x64), customizepkg-git, aura-bin (x64), aurvote, alsa-firmware, alsa-oss, alsa-utils, gnome-alsamixer, packer, packer-io, yaourt-gui, powerpill, pm2ml, portaudio, pulseaudio-gconf & jack
- Added a pacman hook which updates mirrorlist with 50 hosts sorted based on your local download speed, when 'pacman-mirrorlist' is updated or reinstalled
- Added a workaround for a module bug in virtualbox host modules
- Added evdev profile to disable mouse movement or keyboard activity by joystick input, a bonus for gamers
- Added GPG key for python3-xcgf
- Replaced again default file manager Nemo with PCManFM due to a serious bug in Nemo
- Removed nemo-terminal due to incompatibility with latest nemo
- Updated packages as always
- Updated browser profiles
- Enabled cups-browsed service which enables viewing printing jobs & printers from browser interface
- Minor user profile polishment
- Ultimate edition initial build with the following extras included, configured the XFerience way (no pun intended);
Desktop environments:
Budgie, Cinnamon, Deepin, Enlightenment, GNOME, GNOME Flashback, KDE Plasma, LXDE, LXQt, Mate & Xfce

Window managers:
blackbox, fluxbox, icewm, jwm, openbox, xfwm4, enlightenment, awesome, i3, wmii, spectrwm, compiz & evilwm

Desktop managers:
lightdm, lxdm, gdm, sddm, xdm & slim

To select the session/environment of your choice you need to first enter your username, select environment, enter password & login
To change desktop manager (login screen) execute:
systemctl disable lightdm && systemctl enable INSERT-DM

-=[ 2016.11.05 ]=-
- Replaced default file manager Thunar with Nemo due to the enormous amount of crashes and segmentation faults in Thunar
(If you don't like the embedded terminal you can disable it in Plugin options or press Alt+P)
- Minor window manager enhancements
- Updated browser profiles
- Updated packages
- Updated hosts file
- Minor user profile polishment

-=[ 2016.10.28 ]=-
- Added Oracle's VirtualBox along with guest additions & utilities, ISOs & extension pack (VirtualBox is not included in Lite build)
- Added seahorse for managing passwords & keyrings
- Added a passwordless default keyring so that users won't be bothered every time for their password when opening Chromium or other apps
- Added GPG keys for ncurses5-compat-libs, tor-browser-en & xfsdump
- Updated browser profiles
- Minor user profile refinements & polishment
- Replaced the wrong packages virtualbox-guest-dkms & virtualbox-host-dkms with virtualbox-guest-modules-arch & virtualbox-host-modules-arch
- Enabled vmware-vmblock-fuse service which should probably make VMware tools work when booted as a virtual machine
- Removed ~13,000 old entries from hosts file

-=[ 2016.10.24 ]=-
- Added VirtualBox guest & host modules as well as open-vm-tools, android-udev, stress, qtox, viber (x64 only), veracrypt, wireshark & tuxpaint
- Added a workaround for Chromium on root (use at your own risk!)
- Updated Linux kernel to 4.8.4 (Dirty COW vulnerability has been fixed in 4.8.3)
- Updated packages
- Removed around 4k dupe entries from hosts file
- Updated Readme

Lite Changelog:
- Specialist software like blender, gimp, cinelerra & others have been removed as well as libreoffice (Still includes the spirit of XFerience!)

-=[ 2016.10.21 ]=-
- Fixed mkinitcpio error on x64 build
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added exFAT support for some users with micro-SD cards larger than 64G
- Updated packages
- Updated ad-blocking lists
- Updated Readme with more useful installation steps
- Added a bunch of 'Tips & Tricks' on root desktop, because why not

-=[ 2016.10.19 ]=-
- Initial release